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It’s been really hot in Manila for the past few weeks, after that time wherein a miracle happened and Manila weather actually felt pleasant- sunny but with cold winds. Now, we’re back to extremely hot days where walking for a minute will make you sweat and everyone is cranky. Yesterday was one of those days, and errands didn’t help, but there’s some good in every day that will always make me happy- and that is food. Yesterday I only had one class from 8:30-9:30 in the morning, so my mom and aunt decided to wait for me. After class, my aunt got hungry and we went to Bite Club (further along Katipunan) since we haven’t eaten there since I was a kid. We used to go bowling and play billiards back then, when my brother was still the one studying in Ateneo and we’d always eat at Bite Club afterwards. So yeah, we missed it, but for some reason Bite Club didn’t taste so good now as it did back then. Maybe it’s because the price had risen up so much haha but I don’t really know. We ate the philly cheesesteak sandwhich, which was good, mind you, and ordered fries. The philly cheesesteak was good, but very messy to eat. It costs 160. I guess it’s okay, as most good burgers cost that much now anyway, but I felt that it was on the small-ish side, but that’s just me. Afterwards, we were called to do some errands. After those errands, my mom got hungry (see the trend? :)) ) and decided to treat us to The New Kamameshi House inside the Quezon City Memorial Circle. There used to be more branches of this restaurant in Manila, but now they only have one in the Circle and another in Makati (well, those are the only two branches I’ve been in and I haven’t seen it anywhere else). We used to eat in Kamameshi often when I was a kid, and I loved their Kamameshi rice, which is actually their specialty. It literally means “kettle rice”. Basically it’s just fried rice with various toppings in an iron pot. I swear, if you taste it, you’ll be coming back for more. :)) We ordered the Gyonoku Kamameshi, if I remember right, which is their version of mixed rice. It has ground pork, green beans, carrots, and shrimp. It’s so yummy! Also, we got Ebi Tempura to complement the delicious taste of the rice.

Kamameshi Rice and Ebi Tempura

So here’s the Kamameshi Rice and Tempura. Even before they serve it to your table, you’d immediately be able to smell the savory aroma of the rice, and it will taste even better. It’s delicious! Their Tempura is also one of the best I’ve tasted so far. For some reason, in most Japanese restaurants, I can’t bear eating even a whole piece of Tempura, I only usually eat half of it ‘coz I can’t take the oiliness, and it makes me feel sick, but surprisingly, I was able to eat two pieces in Kamameshi. That says a lot about their food. 🙂

Ebi Tempura

This is what the Kamameshi Rice looks like.

See all the toppings?

They have good ambiance too.

This place is recommended for dates.:)

Sorry for the poor pictures, I used my 2 megapixel cellphone camera for these.:|