If you were a Taylor Swift fan, you’d immediately figure out what this post is about. :)) I’m an admittedly HUGE Taylor Swift fan. I can still remember the first time I heard her. It was on 88.3, I think, and it was Teardrops on My Guitar. I remembered I was in the car and I immediately liked it. I even asked my brother if it was an old song, because you know, most songs nowadays don’t sound like that- so pure, so personal. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Last night was her long-awaited Manila concert. It was really hard getting tickets, and it was too bad that I only got the ones for Upper B. Upper B didn’t have reserved seats so I decided to go to Araneta earlier. Earlier meaning 2pm. The concert was supposed to start at 8pm and the gates were supposedly going to open at 6pm. I went there alone, since my friend Mel, who was my companion for that night, had class until 4pm. It was a good thing that I went earlier because when I got there there was already a long zigzag line going on. There were fans with tarps, posters, and even customized shirts. I really admire their efforts, and I felt bad because I didn’t really prepare anything for that night (except that I brought a sparkly dress and asked Mel to buy cartolina and glow in the dark stuff for the Tparty, which I think didn’t happen in Manila, sadly).  I waited at around almost 3 hours before Mel arrived, my legs starting to sore from all the standing. At around 5:45-ish they started to let people in. We got in at around 6:30 because they still didn’t let the people inside the venue itself. We were all lining up by the door. All the lining up and standing and long wait was worth it, though, because I believe we got good seats. We sat on the right side, and the stage was right ahead.

Mel and Me

The show started at around 8 to 8:10pm, in which Sam Concepcion, the chosen front act performed four songs (a hip-hop song that I don’t know the title, Kung-fu Fighting, Even If, and Firework by Katy Perry, in that order). He made mistakes in some parts though, like there was this part in Firework wherein he sang too low, and he realized that and sang the next line on a higher pitch. Don’t take it the wrong way, though, Sam Concepcion is a great performer. He dances while singing and talks to the audience, so it makes him very entertaining to watch.

Sam Concepcion Singing Kung Fu Fighting

After his last song, people were screaming their lungs out, expecting Taylor to come out right after him, as he asked the audience to shout her name (and we did, mind you). This is where my complaint about the concert organizers come in. Instead of the program being smooth, they cut it after Sam and had a break to set up for Taylor’s performance, and it wasn’t even the good kind of break. It was just Sam walking out of the stage, and the lights suddenly go on again- it really killed the momentum.

The main show started around 9:10pm. Taylor’s voice popped out out of nowhere, and golden glittery key words appeared on the screen. Soon after followed by Taylor, who appeared in a gold sequined dress and riding boots after the gold-glittered words “Speak Now” flashed on the screen, the intro of Sparks Fly right after. She sang a total of 13 songs. After Sparks Fly, she sang Mine, Story of Us, Back to December on Piano (with Apologize and You’re Not Sorry snippets), Better Than Revenge (which had a phone ringing introduction), then changed wardrobe.

Taylor Swift Singing Sparks Fly

She went out in a cute bright blue dress, with Caitlin and Liz in pink dresses alongside, and sang Speak Now while acting out the scenario.

Taylor, Caitlin and Liz Singing Speak Now

Afterwards, she sat on a chair and played Fearless on a ukelele that matches her brown Taylor guitar, and added Hey Soul Sister and I’m Yours snippets in between. It was really cute.:)

Taylor Singing Fearless

Afterwards, they replaced the ukelele with the normal-sized identical guitar and she sang Fifteen. I could still partly remember her introduction to this song, something about committing the same mistakes over and over again. When Fifteen was done, she asked the people to sing along with her, and she sang You Belong With Me. She also went down to the crowd and hand-shaked the people. One girl even gave her a bouquet, and she went up the stage with it. The next song after that was Dear John, and she sat on the stairs and you could actually feel the emotion while she was singing it. It was as though she almost cried. It made me admire her even more. It’s amazing how talented she is.

Taylor Singing Dear John

Once all the emotions from Dear John have been poured out, she went backstage for a few minutes again to change. While she was changing, Caitlin played the fiddle, introducing the next song, which is Enchanted. Taylor then came out in an equally enchanting silver dress with a flowy skirt that has a “tail” (IDK what that’s really called).

Taylor Singing Enchanted

Look how lovely she is! In the middle of the song, she took off the skirt, revealing a silver-sequined mini dress, after which she then introduced The Agency, her band, individually, and sang Long Live, which was actually written for them, using her silver-glittered guitar that matches her dress.

Taylor Singing Long Live

She and her band then went backstage, “ending” the show, and people kept on shouting “we want more!”, and they went out again, this time with Taylor in a white mini-dress with sparkles nonetheless, finishing the show with Love Story at 10:30pm.

Taylor Singing Love Story

It was worth the wait, I tell you. I’ve never seen Araneta so crowded my entire life. This was partly because of the organizers who sold SRO (standing room only) tickets at 6pm, making even the patron part crowded. Maybe it’s because I’m such a huge fan of Taylor Swift that I found the concert incredibly amazing (although the audience still wanted more, but I guess she sang 13 songs for a reason). It was definitely an enchanted night for me and my friend, and everyone else who watched the show, who sang to every word of every song, jumped with every beat, and waved their hands in the air. Thanks for the night, Taylor. It’s definitely one to remember. And guess what, my gallery tells me I uploaded 13 images. I didn’t do that on purpose. 13 is always a good sign. Maybe she’ll come back next time! Until then, I’ll be keeping these memories alive.:)