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Friends come and go- that’s what my mom always tells me. Since this saying is an awfully familiar one, it is safe to conclude that a lot of people do agree with my mom. I, on the other hand, beg to differ.

Today, I went out with some of my high school friends to play badminton. I haven’t seen them in such a long time- almost a year or more, I believe- and it amazes me how despite this lack of communication, when we meet, we all still treat each other like we did back in high school. It’s as if we still see each other every single day. We’ve separated universities, but the bond is still there. A whole lot of people have entered and exited my life, but this group of friends will always be those people I will never have the intention or strength to let go of. Fascinating how people who aren’t even related to you could see all your quirks and insanities and still accept you for what you are exactly.

Talking about this reminded me of some lines from Vanessa Carlton’s song entitled Who’s To Say. It’s a nice song and talks about how elders sometimes tell us we’re too young and we don’t really know anything. But really, maybe they’re just too jaded that they forgot that sometimes, friends come- and stay.

Stand up straight
Do your trick
Turn on the stars
Jupiter shines so bright
When you’re around they tell us slow down,
We’re too young you need to grow
The speed’s the key
And they don’t know who we are

And who’s to say that we’re not good enough?
And who’s to say that this is not our love?

Mother don’t tell me friends are the ones that I lose
‘Cause they’d bleed before you
And sometimes family are the ones you’d choose
It’s too late now
I hold on to this life I found


So this was us back in high school. This isn’t complete, come to think of it, it’s like we never had a picture that was complete.:))


 A few of us after high school, in first year college, I think? :))