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To be so young and to have already experienced the loss of someone so dear, I can only imagine the pain and anguish Steph Ayson is going through right. I recall back in high school, heartbreak was the worst kind of torture people encountered. However, unfortunate things like this happen. I remember hearing about AJ’s death through my brother, who also heard about it from his hairstylist. We were eating out, and just oblivious of the rest of the world. I remember myself asking who AJ Perez is, because his name sounded familiar, and, as my brother assumes, I know everyone in showbiz. When we got home I found myself googling AJ Perez, and lo and behold, all these reports of his death show up. I read up on the reports and I felt really sad because he was two years my junior, and yet he had accomplished so much more than I ever had my whole life. You might think, so what? This is a stranger’s death, why would you care s0 much? To be completely honest, I don’t know.  I never met AJ, nor was I a really big fan of his. He was just a teenager I always saw on TV and in magazines. However, his death left a mark on me, or rather, the life he lived- which was only revealed to me through his death. A couple days ago I read about AJ’s girlfriend and her eulogy for him, and it touched me. From there I started researching about AJ. This was when I found out that this boy had so much going on for him to the point that I wished I died in his place instead. He was such a good person that nobody could ever say anything bad about him. He was that person everyone loved and everyone wanted to be and be with. Yet, he had to be taken away. Maybe this is God’s way of telling us that our time here is limited and that we must not take our lives for granted. If I were to be completely honest with myself, I tend to take every breath so lightly like I would have a million more, so AJ’s death was really a big slap on the face for me. This is also why, almost two weeks after his death, I still sit here writing about it. So AJ, I know you’re up there, and you probably don’t know me. But I’m one of the many people whom you have inspired. Your life and death will not be in vain. Thank you for your inspiration. Rest in peace. You are missed.