I was born to like the color pink, and this is not because I’m a girl. Well, partly yes, but guys can pull off pink without looking gay FYI.

Moving on. The reason why I say that I was born to like pink is because when my mom was pregnant with me, she said that she was already attracted to everything pink. And she didn’t know that I was a girl then. So yeah, pink is my fate. And besides, what’s there not to like? This is a lovely color, well of course it depends on the shade of pink, but you already know that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not the super girly type, and I never was, just ask the people who know me. Only society dictates that pink is for females anyway. Who knows, maybe in another planet, pink is the manliest of the colors.

P.S. I tried editing this outfit post and made it look a bit like a scrapbook page because I was bored. I’m not that good at masking yet, but it’s a start.:))