Anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat…A LOT. I don’t know when this started, but ever since I could remember, I’d be the girl who eats the most in the group. Last Friday Boofy, Nikki and I went to this restaurant in Serendra called 2nds. It’s a fine dining restaurant co-owned by one of Boofy’s family friends, BJ Albert, who cordially offered suggestions and entertained us during our visit. Initially, I must admit, the place was really intimidating even with its homey interior. Everyone in the place felt like really important and accomplished people, while we were merely college students trying out a new food joint. This didn’t hinder the waiters to treat us any less, though, as each and every one of the customers who step foot in the restaurant were made to feel like a VIP.

The three of us decided to share an appetizer and a dessert and get one main dish each. We ordered their Buffalo Pops for appetizer, and I tell you, it was really really really good. Sadly, we didn’t get to take a picture of it. 😦 Next come the main dish(es), which Nikki took pictures of with her trusty Iphone. YEY:))

Let’s start off with my meal, their Summer Grilled Porkchop with Arugula Salad.

Doesn’t it look scrumptious? To put an end to your curiosity, yes, it does taste as good as it looks. It’s marinated in pineapple so it’s a kinda sweet, and I love sweets 😉 The meat had little fat and was a pleasure to chew, unlike some pork chops I’ve tried.

Next, we have Boofy’s Beef Rib Adobo, BJ’s recommendation. Now Boofy doesn’t normally eat or like beef, but she loved this. I had a taste of it too and the meat was so tender and the spices were perfect- it was love at first bite! LOL

The last (but definitely not the least) main dish is Nikki’s Red Horse Fish and Chips. Yeah, you heard that right- Red Horse, the “extra strong” beer. The fish was perfectly cooked- it wasn’t too soft nor too hard. 

Finally, we have the dessert- Chocolate Lava Cake.

Need I say more?

The prices of the food in 2nd’s aren’t really for the budget-conscious. The main dishes range from 400+ to their most expensive, the prime rib steak, which costs a whopping P1600. However, they do live up to their name. Once you try their food, you’ll definitely want to come back for 2nd’s.

If you wanna treat yourself though, 2nd’s is located on the 2nd Floor of Wumanco Building 1, Quadrant 3, 9th Avenue Bonifacio High Street.  Contact them through these numbers: tel. +63 2 846 5293, fax +63 2 846 5286

Oh, and here’s what I wore. 😀