When school starts, signal 1 or 2 typhoons will mean having to walk on muddy sidewalks and more-uncomfortable-than-usual trike rides, but now that the semester hasn’t officially commenced yet, I am enjoying every bit of rain- and the cool weather it brings along- at home. Yes, I prefer strong winds to air-conditioning. Something about caring for the environment. A couple days ago, we were dying due to the intensity of the heat in the city, but really, our weather is as unpredictable as who will win on American Idol. (Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better comparison.) So yeah, right now instead of the usual 36°C heatstroke-evoking temperature, we’re enjoying a very pleasant 26°C one. With that said, I’m now going to savor this weather by sleeping and laying in bed…a lot :))  Only 4 days ’til classes so forgive me, I’m gonna sleep every chance I get now because when school starts, sleep will be a distant dream. I shall leave you with this video that my friend Nige showed me. It’s a Japanese McDonald’s ad and the model looks like a Taylor Swift clone it’s crazy! Tell me if you think otherwise.;)