I have always been one of the boys. It could probably be the effect of having purely male siblings- 3 of them, to be specific. I might talk- or even act- like a guy most of the time but I’d like to believe that my feminine side is very well still intact. Not too long ago I was talking to my friend Nikki regarding our (mine, hers and Boofy’s) personal styles, and surprisingly, she told me that my style was, ironically, girly. Yes, you may see me cursing like a pirate on my worst days (even though I’m trying hard to avoid this bad habit of mine), or eating meals like there’s no tomorrow, but I’m also interested in fashion and makeup and the like. I always have, I guess, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually acted upon these interests. The fruition of this is me in skirts and dresses. I have a lot of skirts from high school just sleeping around in my closet, untouched for the longest time because I don’t find it practical swinging around in skirts to school, mostly because I commute most of the time and I like avoiding unnecessary attention. Come summer (and finding long lost treasures, aka my mom’s vintage clothes), it’s really impossible going around the metro in jeans so I’ve surrendered to wearing skirts and dresses. Anyway, I present you with some sets I created on Polyvore. If you don’t know about this site, you’re…No, I’m not going to say you’re missing half of your life. Let’s just say styling sets on Polyvore satisfies my hunger for shopping temporarily. It gives me access to clothes I never, in my wildest fantasies, even dream of buying.

Embracing the Girliness


Ending this post will be my outfit for the day (yesterday), which I unofficially dub as OFTD. My outfit wasn’t really girly, but it’s me “dressed up” so I believe it still fits the bill.:D