Today starts my school year as a senior, and I decided to dress up for good luck. I think it worked. First of all, we got first choice in history class today, where we’d pick 1 out of the 10 topics we wanted to write about. Me and my group mates, (and probably the whole class), was eying number 9, which will designate us to write about the pop culture of the 70’s. For starters, I’ve already had a brief lesson about that during our Performance and Presentation class with the legendary Jim Paredes. Second, all four of us are communication majors. It’s just natural for us to choose the one that involves entertainment instead of, say, studying about gangsters and criminals- although I’m sure that’s quite interesting in its own way. Third, even though it was scorching hot that day, I was kind of happy to be back in school because I got to see a lot of my friends.:D Third, the class I dreaded to go to because I didn’t know anyone there turned out to include a LOT of people I know.  Lastly, I found out who my teachers were, and they didn’t seem so bad. I also learned that my theology professor was quite a legend- I never expected that when I enlisted in his class. All I knew was I wanted him because a lot of other people preferred his class over the other professors’, which, I learned, is always a good sign.

Top-X=ACT; Belt-Ensembles; Shoes-Wade

Thanks to Kai Francisco for the awesome pictures!:D

On another note, Nige showed me the trailer of this awesome new series produced by none other than the amazing Steven Spielberg and the producers of Hairspray and Chicago. Yes, it’s also a musical and it stars Katherine Mcphee. It’s called Smash. The cinematography is excellent. It looks more like a movie instead of the regular series we’re used to watching. Watch the video after the jump 😀

Goodbye Glee, looks like we’re gonna have a new SMASH hit to watch out for!