This is a late post. I was supposed to post this on Wednesday night, but I had requirements to prepare for Thursday, and my class starts at 7:30am so I also have to sleep. Yes, I sleep now. I have to and my body just aches for it after a tiring 11-hour school day. I can already feel the weight of this semester, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun ride, even with all the stress. Pray for me! Anyway, here it goes.

Being a communication major is awesome. Getting to watch movies for your major subjects is just one of the cherries on top of it. Even though I was in the last batch for enlistment- because our university has this random number system which totally hates me since it’s put me on the last batch 3 consecutive times already- today proved that it doesn’t hinder me from getting good major subjects. I was able to get the horror film class (yes, we have a horror film class) and we watched Rec, which is actually the Spanish, original-but-exactly-the-same-except-for-the-actors version of Quarantine. I haven’t watched Quarantine, but Rec was definitely awesome. I’ll probably do a review soon.

After horror film came my advertising principles class. It was quite enjoyable- the professor was funny, very well versed in the industry and incredibly credible (see what I did there? HAHA) I got a 90% on my first quiz, could’ve gotten a 95 if not for my careless stupidity, but I guess that’s good enough. Our professor says a lot of people fail her quizzes most of the time, unless you’re abnormal. I guess I’m abnormal for having good memory, and I really don’t mind. 😀

So far the week’s been good sans my crazy dysmenorrhea today, causing me to be bedridden 75% of the day. All is well now though.

Oh, and you might be wondering what the connection of my title is to the actual post. That’s actually regarding my OFTD for Wednesday. I was really lazy that day, so I just put on whatever I saw in my closet, which was this black top and my mom’s old shorts. Yep those are shorts. Haven’t got the energy to take a more recent OFTD photo yet, but I will soon, so stay tuned!:D

Credit to Nige Dychangco for the awesome pictures.:)