My friend Agassi posted his thoughts about this Facebook fanpage and it caught my attention. Why? Simply because the page is entitled “Jesus Hates the Philippines”. Normally, I wouldn’t even care about things like these because I believe that these haters are just people who have nothing to do with their lives. Using Jesus’ name to create such blasphemy, however, is a different thing for me. I may not be the most religious Christian or the most nationalistic Filipino there is, but I do believe that everything has a limit, and this page definitely exceeds that.

It claims that the page was made to “nullify the countrywide sin of the Philippines”, which I find utterly stupid for several reasons. How can the Philippines be the only one to have a countrywide sin? We are all sinners. If the Filipinos are sinners, so are all the other people of existence today. They say that they want to spread awareness about the false religious practices going on in the Philippines, but seriously, what do they know? Everyone has a right to believe in whatever he or she wants to believe, and that’s why there are several religions out there. Another thing is that the people who post this came from a baptist church, and, if they’re doing their job right, they would know that creating this page is actually sinning against God. Really, how can Jesus possibly hate the Philippines? He is incapable of hating and He definitely looks at everyone equally. I refuse to attack this page with more hate than it’s already been getting, even though I believe that they deserve all the hate in the world. The only thing I want to do is ask everyone who gets to read this blog post to report this page so that the Facebook team could put it down. We don’t need to fight hate with hate, but let us all try to put this page to an end. After that, I believe, God will take care of the rest.