Cats and dogs have been pouring over Manila these past few days, and, considering that it’s a real long weekend, I’ve honestly taken advantage of every single second of it to relax and sleep. This kind of weather demands an equally relaxing kind of music which, to my luck, I’ve found over the weekend. This is by Darren Criss of Glee and Youtube sensation Charlene Kaye. The song’s entitled Dress and Tie and their voices sound REALLY AMAZING together. Oh, and did I mention how soothing it is to listen to this? It’s also upbeat so it balances the gloominess of the weather, but seriously, this weather and this music are perfect together! Well, for me at least. Okay I’ll stop with the talking now. Here’s the video for ya’ll to enjoy:D

Oh and yeah, as you might have predicted by now, finishing this post is my OFTD- for last Wednesday, that is. :/ I’ve been succumbing to Manila’s newfound coldness that I’ve been ignoring the internet, but I’m back now.:)