So before I completely dive into the incredibly deep sea that is thesis, I’ll share a song cover that will rock your world. I stumbled upon this quite recently, and I must say, I now have so much more respect to Chester Bennington, who if you don’t already know is the lead vocalist of Linkin’ Park. This is actually a video of them performing for this year’s Itunes Festival. I was a HUGE HUGE Linkin’ Park fan back in the Hybrid Theory and Meteora days, but all I’ve heard Chester sing are all these screamo songs, or ones with really low awkward tones that I could barely sing without choking. Then lo and behold, I see them performing a cover for the first time, it’s one of my favorite songs at the moment, and it’s HIGH. Okay, they covered Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I bet your reaction would be, what the hell he can’t sing that?! Well, friends, see for yourself.

Now that you’ve watched it, I think you could understand why I’m now such a bigger fan of them than I ever was before. I bet you are too! 😉 Enjoy pressing the replay button!