Procrastination, and my sister-in-law’s request to do her make-up for a wedding has led me to exploring different beauty blogs and Youtube channels. I am not a makeup guru in any way, but I realized today that makeup is something that actually excites me despite the bland wave of schoolwork I’m trying to go through. There’s something about the perfect blending of eye shadow that gets me into a state of “high”. It’s so relaxing to watch people on Youtube do their makeup, and it’s also very entertaining and “educating”, well for me at least.

Being a normal girl with imperfect skin, makeup has really been my friend- especially through my hectic college years. It’s amazing what a little concealer can do when your skin needs a little boost from studying all night. Point is, I will share with you the top 3 beauty blogs/Youtube channels that I surely will return to time and again.

1. Michelle Phan

Youtube: MichellePhan

Her videos are fast yet artistic, usually includes her talking on a voice-over with background music while showing how she puts on the makeup. She starts with the basics like foundation and go through every step in achieving a certain look. She tries on really drastic looks like Lady Gaga’s bad romance and even Barbie– with blonde wigs to boot. She also teaches DIY things regarding to beauty, hair and makeup- the ultimate beauty guru.

2. Jen of Frmheadtotoe

Youtube: frmheadtotoe


Having monolids isn’t the most convenient thing ever. I remember visiting booths in the makeup section of department stores and inquiring about dark eye shadows (because I love the smokey look) and the salesladies would always tell me that dark eye shadows will make my already chinky eyes smaller. This is where Jen’s expertise comes in. Having monolids herself, she explores different kinds of looks that are suitable for people with the same condition (sorry if I made it sound like it’s a sickness, I just can’t find the proper term for it as of the moment). Creating looks inspired by celebrities like 2NE1’s CL who share this similar trait, frmheadtotoe really is a monolid makeup tutorial haven.

3. Temptalia


From makeup brands to swatches, this site has it all. Whenever you need a second opinion on anything related to makeup, this should be your go-to website. Seriously, this is by-far the most useful beauty blog I have ever come across with when it comes to practicality and learning more about the differences between brands and their products. If you don’t believe me, then see for yourself.

Here are some looks that I wanna try out. 😀

Nude Makeup c/o Michael Kors

Bright Eye-and-Lip Combo c/o Dior


Rainbow-Pastel Smokey Look

And as I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, I’d also like to try some of her looks:D

A Vampy Look at the Costume Institute Gala

Romantic Look at the People's Choice Awards

Smokey Eyes-Nude Lips Combo at the AMA's

Now you’ve seen my list of top three’s. Feel free to share yours:D