Due to all the schoolwork and never-ending hell weeks, I haven’t been able to post anything here. But this weekend I got me some free time since all I have for next week is an oral exam in ad class. Finally a week where my checklist isn’t cramped up. So a week ago, my sister in law bought a lot of different pastel colored nail polish and we put them to the test this weekend. I was never a nail polish junkie, and up until yesterday, I couldn’t even apply color to my nails evenly. I was just lying around being lazy when I saw my aunt having her nails done. So I went over to her and the maid (who used to work at a parlor and knew how to do nail art) and looked at what they were coming up with. The design my aunt saw on the internet didn’t turn out well in real life, so she asked me to look for other “doable” designs on the net. So I did. Like the Tumblr addict I was, I immediately looked for a “fuck yeah” site dedicated to nails and nail art. Lo and behold, I found two. As I was lurking around the site, my sister in law checked up on me and started looking for designs as well. She then volunteered to do my nails. I decided to use a pastel green color as my base color, and wanted lavander to be the accent color. And this was what we came up with. I can proudly say that I did half of it.:D

I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out since it was my first time to actually do nail art. 😀 Do forgive the messy edges. I’m no expert. :))