It’s the last weekend of the sembreak, and tomorrow marks my last first day of school as a college student. I am both thrilled and anxious about this. It’s frightening to think that the “future” that seemed so far a few years ago is now just around the corner. Soon, I will officially be a grown up- out of school and looking for a job on my own. No more teachers to guide me or tell me that I’m on the brink of failure, or if I passed with flying colors.

Well, I guess this outfit is me trying to be optimistic and basking in the last few months before becoming a fully responsible adult- and out of my teenage years. :))  I bought the owl necklace a few days ago and I just adore it. I love how it matches perfectly with this dress. Even I was surprised because I wasn’t really thinking of matching the two when I bought the necklace. Also, it was too cute to resist!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now. Back to school! Ciao.

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