I’ve long been posting about my anxieties about the future. I didn’t know which path to take, but now it seems like things are becoming a little bit clearer. Opportunities have been flowing my way, thank God, and I’ve been jumping on every one of them. My friend Chase and I had a shoot last Sunday for something we’re really excited about. I don’t know where this will lead but hopefully, it will lead to something good. I don’t want to dig into details, as not to jinx anything, so I’ll just go on and show you my outfit of the day. This is what I wore to the shoot itself, but of course, we had several outfit changes as well:))
Lace vest and top- gifts; Floral shorts- vintage; Wedges- Figlia

Hype this on Lookbook here😀

P.S. I’m loving WordPress’ new drag and drop uploader. Uploading photos used to take me forever, but now, it only takes a few minutes. Goodjob to WordPress:))