Something I wrote today. I haven’t been writing poetry for a while, but it’s a really good outlet and it will always be my favorite form of literature. I call this poem Holiday, as you can see. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the shallow portrayals of the holidays that we actually forget that it has a deeper significance- whatever that may be to us. Enjoy the rest of the holidays, everyone!

Trapped in a still,

A swift motion picture goes around me-

People portray smiling faces

Wrapped in the truth of the imaginary.

The shallow perceive;

But only the wise can see.


Can happiness, joy and love

Be so empty?

The loneliness pushes

To reminisce that of ghosts past-

Lingering memories

That foreshadow today’s reality.

They tell me to listen quietly.


Listen to the silence beneath

The crackle of the firecrackers,

The cries of a hidden warrior

From inside the depths of me-

Telling me

That only the wise can see.