It’s that time again. Fireworks booming everywhere, making even the deaf hear what’s happening all around the metro. 2011 was a good year for me. It was when I started to go out of my comfort zone and tried to experience different things and environments. This was also when I realized what actually matters- friends, family, and being true to yourself. Come 2012, I will be out on my own. I am scared, yes, but if 2011 taught me anything it taught me this: that you never know what the outcome will be unless you try it. We can never live fully with questions of what-ifs fogging our vision of the future. We must learn to accept the past and learn from our mistakes. With that said, here’s to the new year. Cheers to 2012! 🙂  Of course, this post will not be complete without an outfit of the day. This is what I wore when we met my best friend at the airport. She lives in the States now and she just had 4 hours free time for her connecting flight from Singapore to LA. Yes, my friends and I are crazy:))