I found one of my old poems and it fascinates me how something I wrote years ago perfectly applies to me now. With the real world swiftly creeping in and showing its face, I really feel like time is running out, and I’m going too slow. #justanotherramble

The city lights wait, the city lights call out my name;
And I hear voices and sounds in my head-
A ticking of a clock fast-forwards as I lay in bed.
I look at the clock but it’s not the same
The other ticking is driving me insane.
I stand up, I can’t stay here.
No, not when everything’s unclear.
I got to run, run far away,
Set out even without a place to stay.
The adventure is calling me,
And I don’t wish to disagree;
But as I was about to stand up,
I woke up.
All was but a fantasy.