Like everything else, my college life has finally come to an end. I was never a fan of graduation. I didn’t like the long, dragging speeches or the fact that I have to walk on stage in front of everyone to get my diploma. But I guess what I really don’t like about graduation is how it is a symbol of separation. Be it separation from the friends you’ve met along the way, separation from being dependent on your teachers and school, or finally, separation from the life you’ve been living for the past four years. In Ateneo I’ve met some of the most wonderful people (who happened to be my blockmates). We were meant to spend every moment together, and eventually drift apart come the latter part of our second year. That was what everyone told us. Yes, admittedly, we weren’t always together as a block throughout the semesters, but we found ourselves bonding from time to time. Though individually different, the times we all spent together were definitely time well spent. We recently had a shoot, care of the crazily talented Nige Dychangco, and it’s sad to realize how it will be one of the last block shoots we’ll ever have in a long time.

Here are some of us. Not a lot were able to attend the shoot due to matters concerning graduation, but it’s okay. There will be a next shoot for sure.

No group photo session will be complete without a wacky pose! :))
And we also had solo shots. Here’s mine.

And I will not end this without acknowledging someone very important to me, someone who kept me sane throughout these four years, and someone who’s proven that first impressions aren’t always accurate. Here’s Boofy, my blockmate/best friend/”boyfriend” and one of the mose beautiful ladies I know, both in and out.

Cheers to block A1, without whom my college experience will not be complete.
Congratulations to Ateneo Batch 2012 and to all the graduates out there! We are finally truly free.