The Philippines is observing Holy Week, and that means just one thing- long weekend for everyone! Not that I’m counting on long weekends to breathe anymore, that all ended with graduation. Right now, I’m a bum who’s unemployed. Good thing about that is I get to dress up without having to worry about staying the whole day under the scorching heat in Ateneo. Here’s what I wore today.

Top- Glamour Studio; Shorts- Vintage; Belt- DV; Nude Pumps- Call It Spring

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But that’s not the focal point of this entry. Other than my outfit, I’d like to talk about this up and coming local band called Never The Strangers.

I’m fortunate to have known one of their members. Their guitarist, JP Del Mundo, was my English blockmate way back in first year. He’s one of the wittiest people I know, and he’s an awesome musician. Me being friends with JP was one of the reasons why I bought the NTS album, but of course, I wouldn’t have bothered to pay a single cent for it if I knew it wasn’t good. Hell, it’s worth every penny. Their songs have awesome melodies and they’re all original, written by no other than the band’s frontman, Ace Libre. You may have heard their song, called Moving Closer, on the new Close-Up toothpaste commercial. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on an awesome band’s awesome song, so here it is. If any song can make you fall in love, this is it.

Now you get why I’m an avid fan of them. And now I bet you are too!