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Tada! Here’s the second part of my week. On Thursday, I met up with a friend to stalk none other but the Smolder Holder himself- Ian Somerhalder! Yes, he visited the country to endorse the local brand Penshoppe, which has been garnering worldwide attention these past few years, thanks to its good choice of PR. I’ve just recently been converted into a TVD fan, since I wasn’t doing much of anything in the months prior and I decided to catch up. Anyhoo, Ian Somerhalder was- is- amazing! I love how he gives a damn about the things around him and how sincere he is. He said that the Philippines is one of the most unappreciated countries in the world, and I totally agree with him. Here are some of the pictures I took from the supposed Meet and Greet, which didn’t go as we thought it would since there was no “greet” part to it. I’m just glad I got to see him in person. 😀 Then on Friday, I went to a dinner with some of my former blockmates. A mini reunion, as they say. We tried out the Stockmarket Cafe, the second restaurant I tried for the first time this week! Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos myself ‘coz I had to commute that day and it doesn’t feel safe bringing the camera around whenever I took public transportation. 😦 But the food was amazing! You guys should try it there sometime.

He walked right in front of us and even blew us a kiss! Sigh, so swoon-worthy.
Anyhoo, here’s what I wore on Friday, when we went to dinner. Thanks to Jai for the outfit pictures!:D
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Corset from YRYS; Vintage pants; Bag from Tommy Hilfiger; Heels from Call It Spring

Now that ends this very long post! Hope ya’ll had a great week too! 😀