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Busier days call for resounding reminders. Thus, keep calm and carry on, and hope that everything will turn out for the good. Since I wanted to be more relaxed internally, I decided that what I’m wearing should equally exude a laid-back effect. To do this, I veered away from the usual belt I use to cinch the waist, allowing me to “breathe”. This goes both literal and figurative ways.
Top and Skirt both from Forever21; Vest from Divisoria; Boots from Hush Puppies
Please hype this on Lookbook😀 Also tried experimenting with eye makeup. The pictures don’t give justice to the sparkle of the colors in real life, though. I don’t know how the makeup gurus do it- take good closeup pictures of their looks, I mean.This photo resembles my feelings as of the moment and my idea of the future- chaotic and blurry. But I will keep calm, and carry on. Because right now that’s the only sane thing that will pave the way for my dreams to possibly come true.