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Last weekend, my fam and I went to Pico de Loro, a resort located in Batangas. Just a little background, I am a city girl. My family seldom goes on these kinds of trips to the provinces so whenever we do, it’s like a new experience altogether. So, back to Pico de Loro. It was amazing! But pictures are worth a thousand words, so I’ll fill you up with photos instead.
It was foggy on the way there. I love how creepy this picture looks. :))The beach. Quite amazing, isn’t it?The condo building across ours. Now let me introduce to you my two uber cute nephews!:DThis is Nathan, who I’ve talked about before.And this is Derek, Nathan’s little brother. These two are the cutest little boys ever! Well, for me at least. :3 Now I’ll end my post with that, so as to leave the smiles on your faces. Ciao!