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Certain things remind me that you’re still there, alive and breathing. But you are dead to me, and I am dead to you. Pride further deepens the graves we have dug for each other, sinking memories of the past deeper into the dirty ground. The image of you lingers in my mind, a shadow of what is past, and what can never be.

Sometimes, I question my actions and wonder whether I could have done something else that would have kept you within the comforts of our friendship. But no, I will not put the blame on myself like I have done countless times before. I will not let the thought of you get to me and waver the assurance I have. Nor will you ever blur my vision of what is true and what is not, as you have done so in the past. So now, I bid you a final goodbye. No more what-ifs, no more lies.

I don’t believe you
And I never will
Oh I can’t live by your side
With the lies you’ve tried to instill
I can’t take anymore
I dont have to give you a reason
For leaving this time
Coz this is my last goodbye

It’s like I hardly know you
But maybe I never did
It’s like every emotion you showed me
You kept well hid
And every true word that you ever spoke
Was really deceiving
Now I’m leaving this time
Coz this is my last goodbye

I’ve gotta turn and walk away
I don’t have anything left to say
I haven’t already said before
I’ve grown tired of being used
And I’m sick and tired of being accused
Now I’m walking away from you
And I’m not coming back