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As much as I am attracted to girly frocks and skirts, I am also hooked on black when it comes to my wardrobe. As in my previous post, you can see that I can get a bit dark when it comes to some things, and I guess that’s just a part of who I am. I’ve been trying to overcome the pessimist in me, but optimism and I can’t really get along every single day. I blame the weather for making me turn this cheek. It’s been raining hard in Manila these past few days, and it can be a huge downer at times. Also a catalyst for laziness. This weather makes me want to curl up on my bed all day. Unfortunately, I can’t do this as I have responsibilities under my name. This gloom even affected how I dressed today. See for yourself.

Top from Tomato; Thrifted shorts; Bangle set from Girl Shoppe; Butterfly bangle from Thailand; Shoes from Keds (vintage)

I love this top! Can you believe I got it for just 200 pesos? Tomato has the best prices ever!

If you didn’t notice, I had my hair cut. I have mixed emotions about this because I’ve been sporting long hair for the longest time and it pains me to think that I’m gonna have to wait for months again to grow my hair back to a longer length. :/ I can’t braid my hair anymore! But I dunno, how do you like this haircut?