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Flared pants are amazing. I love skinny jeans to death but sometimes giving your legs space to breathe can be a really refreshing change. Not to mention its instant boost to an otherwise plain Jane look. What I wore for work today is an example of that. Here’s a quick look at it.

I could’ve worn the typical skinny jeans everyone wears nowadays, but I decided to go all hipster and choose what was untypical. These pants were actually altered at the waist because they were originally my aunt’s but she never got wear them so she passed them down to me. I think they could look better if the part for the thighs were tighter, because they’re still a bit loose on me.

See how loose it is? LOL Also, forgive the pose and the untied shoe. =))

Pants from Levi's; Belt from Topshop; Shoes from Call It Spring; Necklace from Palawan

Well, that’s all for now. ‘Til next time!

P.S. I’m starting to like my new hair!:D