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After my dark phase, I am now back to my usual color-wearing self. That and my skirts. If you’ve noticed, I love skirts and dainty things like lace, sheers, florals and anything that sparkles. This look is a sentiment to that. Also, I incorporated a little Tinker Bell into my look. Fairies have always piqued my interest. And what better way to channel your inner fairy than to wear what Tinker Bell wears? The sequins can make up for the golden dust that the scenery lacks.:3

I actually wore this to work. But of course, I can’t go all spaghetti straps in a corporate office. Hence, the blazer.

Tada! Office-ready! But these photos weren’t taken at my office. They were actually taken at the Diamond Hotel. My family and I took pleasure in the hotel’s buffet dinner. I’ll post photos next time!:D

Top from Thailand; Skirt from Forever 21; Heels from Call It Spring; Blazer from ECA; Earrings from The Boutique

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