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Sunday Morning

So I was tasked to create style guides for work today. It reminded me so much of this site called Polyvore where you can create your own mood boards, style sets, etc. It’s always fun to make these and be inspired by the style you come up with.

This first set revolved around the color orange. I saw this skirt and fell head over heels. I want it! But you see, the thing with Polyvore is that most of the stuff are designer or branded- in simple terms, expensive. But of course there are also items from the more common brands which are more affordable. However, I also like how it helps people window shop. In this case, the items in the set aren’t super expensive. For example, the top’s from Quicksilver costing around 1000 php. Guess the most expensive item in this set. If you guessed the ring, well then you’re right. That ring from Stanley Korshak costs $14,500, roughly 700,000 php. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, here are the other sets I made. 😀


Ladykiller by rachielle11 featuring collar jewelry


Yes, all my set titles are Maroon 5 songs. I’ve been getting addicted to their songs recently. I’m going to be watching their concert soon! Can’t wait!:D Anyway, hope you enjoyed the sets. ‘Til next time! Xoxo.