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If there’s one thing I can say about trends, it’s that trends come and go….and come back again. Notice how today, “vintage” is very in. From accessories to clothes, everyone’s now looking for things that look like they came from a lifetime ago. I am not complaining though. This is an advantage for me, as I can reuse my mom’s old wardrobe, which saves me from spending more on clothes. 

However, the real reason why I love vintage clothes so much is the fact that most vintage pieces are one of a kind. No matter how many clothing companies try to relive the style of the prior decades, nothing can still compare to actual vintage clothing. The prints and the style are a far cry from what’s being sold in stores today. In addition to that, there’s a sense of exclusivity with old clothes too, because most of them are custom-made. 

Top- Glamour Studio; Necklace- Divisoria; Belt and Skirt- Vintage; Shoes- Call It Spring

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