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So I shopped again. Remember my last haul from Divi? Looks like this is fast becoming a monthly thing. Anyways, here are the few items I bought yesterday. 1. Floral Bracelet – I love the colors and the design on this bracelet!

2. Floral Shorts – Noticing a trend here? HAHA I’m in love with florals and high-waisted shorts! This pair of high-waist denim floral shorts were just what I was looking for. It comes with a belt, too.3. Belt – I’ve been seeing these kinds of belts everywhere and I must admit, I love the classiness that the gold buckle adds to one’s look. 4 & 5. Necklaces! I wasn’t too keen on using accessories before, but because of my job, accessories are now a necessity in any ensemble I don. Even during non-working days, I find myself feeling bare without accessories.

Oh, and the best part of this haul is, I got all these items for below a mere 800 pesos (around 19 dollars)! Imagine how cheap that is for all of these. I really believe that one need not focus on buying designer brands to look good. It’s all in the way you carry yourself and your clothes. Of course, buying higher end merchandise will always be inevitable, but matching both high and low end pieces can also work you wonders. 🙂