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Peek-a-boo dresses have been all the rage these days. They come in different forms, sizes, and styles. This photo, for example, is one of the most memorable cut-out dresses I’ve seen online because it encapsulates my style. If your style isn’t sweet and girly, fret not, because as I said, peek-a-boo dresses come in different styles. Here are a few other interesting examples I found online.

The cut-outs don’t necessarily have to be large. Take a cue from this “air-conditioned” LBD.

This is my next favorite of the bunch. From the color to the silhouette to the cut-outs, everything just seems to fit perfectly together.

Photos c/o Tumblr

I’ve only worn a peek-a-boo dress once, but I see myself wearing more of it in the near future. So what do you think of peek-a-boo dresses? Do you love them as much as I do?