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There are days when you just can’t quite think of what to wear. During those days, what I do is cheat my way around it by pairing a top, shorts, and pile on accessories. Without the accessories, this look would just be plain casual, but add the earrings and necklace and voila! It’s suddenly dressier than its original state.For some weird reason I feel very ladylike in this photo. It’s probably the hair band and the dangling earrings.Cropped Top, Glamour Studio; Shorts, vintage; Accessories, given; Wedges, from Divi

Aside from the outfit, let me share with you my latest LSS. It’s an old song by Sara Bareilles called Between the Lines. This song is just another proof of Sara Bareilles’ amazingly poetic writing skills.

“Too late, two choices- to stay or to leave; Mine was so easy to uncover. He’d already left with the other.

I don’t like ending things on a sad note, so please forgive me for this rather heartbreaking seal on this entry.

P.S. No, I do not relate to this song, I just like how it was written.