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With the schedule of a working girl (who’s just been released from hospital confinement), you’d really have a hectic time frame ahead of you. Now let me share with you one of the events added to my already tight schedule- Maroon 5 live in Manila! *squeals like a fangirl* Well, I must admit, I AM a fangirl. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t be a fan of them? Their sound is so hip and catchy, they write good songs, not to mention they have the hottest frontman ever. Even my mom said their songs were good LOLI wasn’t able to bring my camera, so these photos are just borrowed from an officemate. (Thanks, Ms. Quelly!) The Cab opened the show for them. This was another reason why I wanted to watch too. I’m also a fan of The Cab and their songs because they have this distinct sound that’s different from other bands, and I like different.The concert was well worth every penny. They sang around 20 songs, majority of which came from their latest album, Overexposed. But besides that, they also sang their other hit songs like This Love, Sunday Morning, She Will Be Loved, Hands All Over, Stereo Hearts, and more. They even remixed Gangnam Style with one of their songs at one point! Awesome.Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, Adam Levine played the drums. Yes, that makes him a hundred times hotter than he already is, if that’s even possible. Overall, it was a good show. Watching a band live really gives you a different perspective of them, because you know how they sound without all the auto tune and post processing that happens in the studio. In this case, I must say, the band really proved to be worthy of their global fame. They sound even better live. Now I’m an even bigger fan than I was before.