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by Rachel Ang

I succumb
To the stillness of the night,
The calming breeze,
The city lights
Just outside my window.

I lay, frozen-
Lost in thought-
In a rush of emotion.
I look out
And see stars twinkling
In velvet blue.

The rails guarding my window pane
Couldn’t keep me
From being one with the wind.
It brushes my face
Like a lover’s hand-
Soft, carefree, and loving.

The dim lights communicate with me,
And the stars dance in all their glee,
But ‘tis the stillness that captured me-
The peace,
That soft breeze
Enveloping the sleeping city.

And for a while,
Before I went to sleep,
I felt a sense of bliss.

I’ve posted a poem on this blog before, so some of you might know that I write poetry occasionally. I found this on my Writers’ Cafe page and decided to share it with you guys. I can still remember when I wrote this poem. It was a night when I could not get a wink of sleep. These sleepless moments are usually the times where I form these phrases in my head. They usually come from the stillness of the night and the peace that comes with it. And sometimes, these are the instances when we catch a real glimpse of bliss- the peaceful, problem-free kind that usually only visits us in the wee hours of the morning, in between slumber, in our dreams. It’s all vague, I know, but I guess these kinds of things can never really be explained, only felt.