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It’s been a family tradition to visit the cemetery every 1st of November, and we usually stay from morning until late afternoon. The cemetery we visit is a mere walking distance from our house, that’s why whenever November hits, I prepare myself to walk under the sun. Just to let you know, I’m not too fond of being under the stinging rays of the sun. I prefer cold to hot weather anytime. Anyway, since we’re walking and it will surely be hot the rest of the day, I opted to wear comfortable clothes that are walk-and-hot-weather-friendly. This year, I chose to wear a loose sequin-collared tank, denim shorts, and glitter oxfords that coincidentally match my collar.Who says oxfords should always be manly?
Saw this fairy figurine display at the restaurant we had dinner in and I just had to take a photo of it. Just another make-believe creature I wished really existed. Bag, random brand
Sequin collared top, Primadonna
I was actually wearing two connector rings on both hands. I realized that accessories are now a mainstay in all my outfits, no matter how small.Shorts, Betty Boop (thrifted); Glitter oxfords, VNC

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Just because this song is timely and relevant and too epic not to share.