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DSC_7077I think we can all agree that shoes can make or break an outfit. Working in a fashion-centered company requires me to wear heels all the time, and I must say, I have come to realize the importance of wearing good shoes. As a proof of this, here are a few pairs I bought just last November-December. Yes, I got around 5 pairs of shoes in two months. I vowed not to buy any more anytime soon. (Although those 5 inch heels scream at me to buy them every time I pass by). That first photo above are wedges from So! Fab. It’s a staple pair that every girl must have, especially if you’re just starting to wear heels.


Next up is this pair of red peep-toe sandals from People are People.DSC_7106As you might already know, pink is my personal favorite. This pair, the only flat one among the bunch, really reflects my style- from the color to the design. Needless to say, I had to have it when I saw it. This was also from So! Fab.
DSC_7090By the dirt on this pair, you might have already guessed that it’s one of those I use the most. This pair from Payless is commute-friendly and all-weather proof. I’ve walked under heavy rain in this, and it remains comfortable (and fashionable).
DSC_7097And last but definitely not the least is my most favorite of the bunch. I bought this pair from an online store called Sophisticat and I am head over heels *wink* over it. Donning these skeleton heels automatically give your outfit an edgy boost without having to try that hard. They’re really comfortable too! Definitely a good buy.

To cap off this blog post, I’ll share an old Youtube video by Liam Kyle Sullivan about *surprise!* shoes. It’s hilarious. :))