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I finally decided to buy myself a smartphone, and with this, of course, comes the gift of social media applications like Instagram. Now I’m hooked. So I share with you my January in Instagram. It consists of food, my nephews, and a lot of other random things. :))


1. Dancing in the moonlight. The moon looked really nice last week, and I tried my best to capture its beauty, but you can only do so much with zoom capabilities.Jan Instagram 7

2. Food. Lots of it. Another thing you might not know about me is that I eat a whole lot. :)) I’m really a fat kid inside. :3IMG_20130129_005749

3. Poetry.Jan Instagram 1

4. My instagram also includes fashion and cosmetics, of course. From left to right- Nyx Lipstick in Femme, Shoes from People are People, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift in Red. IMG_20130130_215648

5. And the mandatory “selfie”. 
Jan Instagram 36. Random photos.
Jan Instagram 87. And more food. :3 Dessert is awesome! From left to right- Silvanas; BonChon’s Banofee Pie Koyo (my favourite!); and Little Bites Red Velvet Crinkles which is heavenly.
Jan Instagram 9

8. My cute nephews!:3 L-R: Derek in his Chinese collar pj’s; Nathan being a monkey, and proving that he’s way stronger than I ever will be; and Derek donning a Krispy Kreme hat. Aren’t they the cutest? IMG_20130127_235552

9. And a very Korean looking me. HAHA Forgive the vanity. :)) We all have these moments! 😉

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