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It’s almost March- which means only one thing- summer’s almost here. I’ve never really been the biggest fan of summer and beaches. I, for one, don’t like being under the harsh sunlight, but being confined inside the four concrete walls of the office day after day after day has made me regret and miss all those summer vacations I took for granted.

tumblr_mb587oZAUd1r9t96vo1_500 I guess we always want what we can’t have. As a student, I only loved summer vacations because it means that I can finally catch up on all the movies and TV series I’ve missed while studying. So I stayed home, in front of the computer, every single day. But since I started working, my perspective has immensely changed.

What I would give to be by the beach and under the blinding rays of the sun- just chilling with my friends or reading a book.tumblr_mipedyrxby1qh9vnzo1_500

Or just be spontaneous, you know? tumblr_mis9jvAEVC1rb4kaao1_500 tumblr_mis9k1Aljk1r5l2gho1_500

My new year’s resolution is to step out of my comfort zone, and thus, going to the beach with my friends is one of the things on my bucket list since this isn’t really something I have done in the past. I  already have a trip planned and I can’t wait for it!

All photos taken from Tumblr

We have to wake up and live and stop taking every single thing for granted because one day, we are gonna have to grow up and the freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want will be taken from us. Our time won’t be in our own stubborn hands anymore and these glimpses of freedom will be something that we might miss the most. This year, I will see to it that I’ll treat everyday like an adventure. I’ll be spontaneous. I’ll be free. Now, what do YOU do to make life an adventure?