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As you’ve probably noticed, my style is very dainty. But I will admit it, there are days when I don’t feel like wearing a dress or a skirt, and this outfit is proof of that. This shows a little bit of the rebel in me. That explains the clamour part of title. But of course, I couldn’t help but include whispers of femininity into my outfit, like the pink and white butterfly design of my shirt, for example.And this Hello Kitty necklace, for example. Which comes in a set with earrings. Isn’t it awesome?I added a little more texture in the form of this snakeskin belt to complete the look. And yes, my shorts are actually neon pink. It just looks softer in the first photo due to the lightness of the picture, but this is really how it looks like in real life.Top, Terranova; Shorts, Random brand; Hello Kitty accessories set, Lil Amore; Belt, Plains and Prints; Shoes, Keds (vintage)

Oh, and I borrowed my blog title from an Anberlin song. Have a listen.

Contrary to my style, I really do listen to rock bands on a regular basis. Sometimes a little anger can actually help us calm down. I know it’s very ironic as you read it, but believe me, it does help. Or maybe that’s just me? HAHA Tell me if it helps you too! And please hype this look on Lookbook!:) ‘Til the next post!