I’ve Made The Move!


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Dear reader,

I have moved my blog from WordPress to Blogspot. It’s a big leap for me as I would miss my dear WordPress followers, but I do hope that you can follow my blog even with this move. Keep in touch!

View my newly furnished blog on http://ramblingrealities.blogspot.com


Rachel 🙂


What Do You Do to Make Life An Adventure?


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It’s almost March- which means only one thing- summer’s almost here. I’ve never really been the biggest fan of summer and beaches. I, for one, don’t like being under the harsh sunlight, but being confined inside the four concrete walls of the office day after day after day has made me regret and miss all those summer vacations I took for granted.

tumblr_mb587oZAUd1r9t96vo1_500 I guess we always want what we can’t have. As a student, I only loved summer vacations because it means that I can finally catch up on all the movies and TV series I’ve missed while studying. So I stayed home, in front of the computer, every single day. But since I started working, my perspective has immensely changed.

What I would give to be by the beach and under the blinding rays of the sun- just chilling with my friends or reading a book.tumblr_mipedyrxby1qh9vnzo1_500

Or just be spontaneous, you know? tumblr_mis9jvAEVC1rb4kaao1_500 tumblr_mis9k1Aljk1r5l2gho1_500

My new year’s resolution is to step out of my comfort zone, and thus, going to the beach with my friends is one of the things on my bucket list since this isn’t really something I have done in the past. I  already have a trip planned and I can’t wait for it!

All photos taken from Tumblr

We have to wake up and live and stop taking every single thing for granted because one day, we are gonna have to grow up and the freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want will be taken from us. Our time won’t be in our own stubborn hands anymore and these glimpses of freedom will be something that we might miss the most. This year, I will see to it that I’ll treat everyday like an adventure. I’ll be spontaneous. I’ll be free. Now, what do YOU do to make life an adventure?



Chinese Festivities


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A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I went to Binondo (Manila’s Chinatown), to have a legit celebration and experience of the Chinese New Year. Photos from our walk below care of Chase Chua.

Almost all the people were wearing red! It’s funny and amusing at the same time.IMG_1454

The streets were filled with vendors selling all sorts of things- from fruits to snake-shaped balloons. IMG_1411IMG_1426

They even sell multi-colored chicks which reminded me of my childhood days when I used to see people selling these everywhere. They’re adorable!IMG_1422

And of course people also sold good luck charms.


..And tikoy! I believe this delicacy makes everyone feel the nearing of Chinese New Year whenever they get this.IMG_1406What Chinatown experience would be complete without sitting down and eating Chinese food? Hakaw, or shrimp dumplings, is my favorite Chinese dimsum ever!

IMG_1421 IMG_1432 IMG_1443

Lanterns everywhere.IMG_1456More tikoy.

IMG_1457This Chinese deli shop has really come a long way. They now have several branches across the Metro and have made their own name in the food industry in Manila.

IMG_1495Bustle and rustle of the crowd, with the sky looking as picturesque as ever. As my friend Chase mentioned in her post, the Binondo skyline is changing. Now, condominiums and other skyscrapers are being built. But we really hope they decide to preserve the old structures that Binondo has been known for.


And this is my pretty friend Chase who I’ve also featured on my blog before. She decided to join the bandwagon and wore the color red. I, on the other hand, didn’t want to get lost in the crowd and went for florals instead, inspired by the cherry blossoms displayed in MOA for this event.
Me taking a picture of Chase taking a picture of me. HAHA!
It’s funny how I’m Chinese but I’ve never really experienced the Chinese New Year in Binondo. But this year is all about experiencing new things for me, so I guess this is another one of those firsts! Cheers to an awesome year ahead!

All photos c/o Chase Chua.

That Girl In White


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If in my last post, I donned a little black dress, this time around I’m wearing the exact opposite- white! As much as I love black, there’s also something really refreshing about wearing the color white. DSC_7219
This dress from Apartment 8 was so pretty that I didn’t think twice before purchasing it- the silhouette, the style, the sheer mesh all worked perfectly together.DSC_7225-2

This is my sexy girl-next-door dress. The silhouette is very sweet and very Zooey Deschanel, but that mesh middle adds a hint of sexiness, don’t you think? Perfect for those night outs where you don’t want to reveal too much but don’t want to be too conservative either. 

And once again, I styled it with my favorite bright accessories!
DSC_7223Dress- Apartment 8; Necklace- Personalized Accessories; Heels- Sophisticat Shoes

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Black Hole


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They say everyone should have a little black dress. Though my style veers towards the pastel shades, I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the color black as well. I have learned to love the classics, even though I’m one for youthful pieces. My technique to making something as classing as a little black dress become age-appropriate is injecting snippets of my personality here and there.DSC_7075-2

Thus, I accessorized this simple LBD with bright colors. Donning an all black ensemble can be classy, but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing something your mom should wear. So I also chose a silhouette that’s less “mature” to balance it out.


What better way to complement black than by adding a metallic pink necklace and brightly coloured bracelets?
DSC_7048-2Here’s the catch- the dress is backless! 🙂 I really really like surprise cut-outs like these, as I’ve mentioned before.


Rainbow hippie bracelets! ❤

I don’t think I’ve had a post wherein I’m actually wearing these heels, but I love this pair to bits! It instantly adds an edgy boost to even the dullest of outfits.


Dress- SM Girls’ Teens Wear; Glitter Necklace- Personalized Accessories; Heels- Sophisticat Shoes

Product Review: Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream


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BB creams have been all the rave for the past few years. This is apparent if you’re a makeup junkie because you’ll notice how all the brands have been coming out with their own versions of this. From drugstore brands like Maybelline to crowd favorites like MAC, BB creams can be seen. However, while reading reviews online, they still say that Asian BB creams are the best. So I tried out one of them.DSC_7114

Lioele Triple the Solution comes in a cute hot pink and gold box. For 1150 pesos, the cream promises whitening and wrinkle care and has SPF 30, which is always a plus for me since I commute and I really need to take advantage of whatever additional sunscreen I can get. And besides, I read a lot of good reviews about it so I decided to give it a try.DSC_7126

I found that it’s a little bit on the pink tone, and thus, it doesn’t really match my skin since I have yellow undertones. It’s got really full coverage, though, which leaves you looking flawless throughout the day.DSC_7125

I’m not too fond of the pump of this product because after one pump, it’ll “excrete” additional product, which leaves you with a messy cover.DSC_7121


After using this BB Cream for around a week or so, here are some pros and cons that I’ve come to observe.


1. Buildable coverage- you can go from medium to full

2. SPF 30

3. You don’t have to use a lot for good coverage, and thus, this tube can last a lot longer than other creams.

4. Provides a smooth, dewy finish

5. Long-lasting

6. Not cakey- you can pile it on for that extra coverage of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.


1. Very oily.

2. Kinda pricey for a BB Cream.

3. Only comes in one shade



Overall, I believe this BB Cream was made for people with skin colour that’s preferably on the pink side. I love its dewy finish in the morning, but my face becomes an oil slick in the afternoon, causing me to keep blotting. People with dry to normal skin would probably appreciate this product more than I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love its flawless finish, but this BB cream just isn’t a good match for oily skin and the hot, humid weather where I live.


My Month in Instagram: January


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I finally decided to buy myself a smartphone, and with this, of course, comes the gift of social media applications like Instagram. Now I’m hooked. So I share with you my January in Instagram. It consists of food, my nephews, and a lot of other random things. :))


1. Dancing in the moonlight. The moon looked really nice last week, and I tried my best to capture its beauty, but you can only do so much with zoom capabilities.Jan Instagram 7

2. Food. Lots of it. Another thing you might not know about me is that I eat a whole lot. :)) I’m really a fat kid inside. :3IMG_20130129_005749

3. Poetry.Jan Instagram 1

4. My instagram also includes fashion and cosmetics, of course. From left to right- Nyx Lipstick in Femme, Shoes from People are People, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift in Red. IMG_20130130_215648

5. And the mandatory “selfie”. 
Jan Instagram 36. Random photos.
Jan Instagram 87. And more food. :3 Dessert is awesome! From left to right- Silvanas; BonChon’s Banofee Pie Koyo (my favourite!); and Little Bites Red Velvet Crinkles which is heavenly.
Jan Instagram 9

8. My cute nephews!:3 L-R: Derek in his Chinese collar pj’s; Nathan being a monkey, and proving that he’s way stronger than I ever will be; and Derek donning a Krispy Kreme hat. Aren’t they the cutest? IMG_20130127_235552

9. And a very Korean looking me. HAHA Forgive the vanity. :)) We all have these moments! 😉

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These Heels Were Made for Walking


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DSC_7077I think we can all agree that shoes can make or break an outfit. Working in a fashion-centered company requires me to wear heels all the time, and I must say, I have come to realize the importance of wearing good shoes. As a proof of this, here are a few pairs I bought just last November-December. Yes, I got around 5 pairs of shoes in two months. I vowed not to buy any more anytime soon. (Although those 5 inch heels scream at me to buy them every time I pass by). That first photo above are wedges from So! Fab. It’s a staple pair that every girl must have, especially if you’re just starting to wear heels.


Next up is this pair of red peep-toe sandals from People are People.DSC_7106As you might already know, pink is my personal favorite. This pair, the only flat one among the bunch, really reflects my style- from the color to the design. Needless to say, I had to have it when I saw it. This was also from So! Fab.
DSC_7090By the dirt on this pair, you might have already guessed that it’s one of those I use the most. This pair from Payless is commute-friendly and all-weather proof. I’ve walked under heavy rain in this, and it remains comfortable (and fashionable).
DSC_7097And last but definitely not the least is my most favorite of the bunch. I bought this pair from an online store called Sophisticat and I am head over heels *wink* over it. Donning these skeleton heels automatically give your outfit an edgy boost without having to try that hard. They’re really comfortable too! Definitely a good buy.

To cap off this blog post, I’ll share an old Youtube video by Liam Kyle Sullivan about *surprise!* shoes. It’s hilarious. :))

Something Peachy


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Before my blog hiatus turns into something permanent, I decided to fight it off, and here I am with an outfit post again! Yey! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that I like dressing according to what weather we currently have. Right now, we have the perfect blend of cool in the metro. The cold January breeze will always be my favourite. Of course, it is favorable to people like me who like to dress up because we can either 1. layer 2. wear clothes we can’t usually wear the rest of the year.DSC_6711
I really like long sleeved tops. If you live in Manila, you’d understand how impossible it is to wear long sleeves the rest of the year, and thus, why I rejoice at the moment.DSC_6686I believe that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look sexy. Case in point, this outfit. This top is a perfect mix of sweet and sexy without showing too much skin. DSC_6683

Ring, Divi; Bangle, SM Accessories
DSC_6688Oh, and I’m currently getting more into hats! I saw this hat in the store and was hesitant to buy it at first because I might not be able to wear it, but I kept seeing it again and it was just calling out my name. LOL :)) So I bought it and I regret nothing. See how cute it is!

Hat, SM Accessories; Top and skirt, bought from an officemate
DSC_6695 DSC_6710 Don’t forget to hype this on Lookbook! 🙂


On Poetry and Falling


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I know this is supposed to be a fashion blog, but recently I’ve been getting swallowed by abnormal work hours and thus, by the time I get home, there’s no energy left to take outfit photos. On the other hand, my friends and I have taken up a 365 day challenge. I’ve been posting a little of my poetry here before, but now I’ve created a new avenue for it, specifically for this project alone. You can check out my 365-day project here but in the meanwhile, I want to share with you a poem that my friend Lexis wrote. It’s called On Falling.

On Falling

She was counting scars from childhood
accidents and new ones
when she thought of giving up,
thinking how like drops of blood, bodies
are as frail, breaking in one fall.

Looking at stars, I thought:
everything is dead out there, but you and I

falling into each other,
we’re still here.

This generation has an absurd idea of poetry. Now, poetry is but a number of rhyme schemes and the abstract formation of words by our forefathers that we can never understand. Few people nowadays appreciate the art of poetry, and it really makes me happy to see people my age write them. So, if you write yourself or if you have a favorite poem/s, please do share them with me as I’d be really glad to read them.

P.S. What do you think of my friend’s poem? Spill your thoughts in the comments below!